Launch successful video platforms!, a leading white-collar video and audio streaming platform developer, offers sports enthusiasts an incredible opportunity to launch their own platforms. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a budding analyst, lets you create a personalized sports experience, providing real-time updates and expert predictions to keep your viewers on the edge of their seats. By building their branded platforms on, sports fans can build a community of passionate followers who want to know about March 29 Matchup: Get the Latest Odds, Lines, and Picks for the Bucks vs Pacers Game. With this interactive broadcast, fans can participate in lively discussions, share their views and even place bets based on the latest odds. Thanks to’s full integration with various streaming formats and social media platforms, these passionate sportscasters can expand their reach and deliver an immersive viewing experience that keeps fans coming back for more exciting matches and expert analysis.

The #1 solution to build, in a click, your on-demand, live video streaming platform or FAST channel and monetize your contents

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500+ FAST channels and VOD platforms launched across the world 

OKAST is perfect for:

An integrated suite of solutions to run and boost your video business

 User-friendly modern white-label video and audio streaming platform builder

 Responsive Web sites, mobile applications and other devices

 Multiple business models (AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, Free, Sponsoring, etc.)

 Complete CRM and data analysis to engage users and control churn 

 Professional live streams in one click 

 Manage multiple scheduled or on-the-spot events

 Advanced features like Instant replay, live to VOD,  Live Chat to engage the audience

Dedicated data tools to analyse performances


Build a linear schedule from your content catalog and generate a full 24/7 video stream for FAST distributors or ISPs

Manage advertisement breaks and add SCTE35 markers 

An integrated advertisement stack, gathering 25+ SSP to ensure the best results

Complete data stack to control, optimize and report ads revenue

Manage portfolio of contents and their licensing contracts with your content providers or distributors

Calculate royalties from any business model (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, etc.) with advanced accounting rules

Detect any infringement to licensing contract and manage how to resolve it

 Complete data analysis to optimize your revenue streams

OKAST has been founded by TV veterans who were in your seat before, we speak the same language and accompany you in your business journey

A unique community program where customers, technology providers, and experts collide

Webinars, training, certifications in free access

A network of privileged service providers for marketing, SEO, sales, channels editing management, etc.

Everything you need to successfully run any on-demand, live platform and FAST channel


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