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Available on: Web – iOS – Android TV – Apple TV- Roku – FireTV – Samsung TV (Tizen) – FAST TV

As the New York Times presents it: Qwest TV is “the Netflix for Jazz“. An ambitious project led by the famous artist Quincy Jones and the former programme director of the Mezzo TV channel, Reza Ackbaraly. The main challenge: launch a premium and robust SVOD platform (and mobile applications) in a few weeks. Qwest TV uses OKAST for platform design, editorialization and daily subscriber management. Flexible monetization allows them to offer different subscriptions prices depending on the subscription duration or quality of the accessible videos (SD, HD or 4K). They use also mobiles apps to expand their visibility in mobiles stores. Through B-to-B distribution feature, Qwest TV is also present in many universities around the world.

“With OKAST we’ve been able to start very quickly our video platform and scale up our subscribers base. The team has helped us also on the marketing side by providing innovative tools to grow our audience worldwide.”


– Reza Ackbaraly, CEO & Co-founder of Qwest TV 

Born in France in 2010, the MCS Extreme TV channel quickly became a reference for extreme sports. The channel joined OKAST to launch an OTT version available on all screens (mobile, tablet, Smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV etc.). The platform offers more than 1000 hours of programs, reports, documentaries, shows and podcasts on demand, as well as exclusive live events: FISE, X Games, Nitro Rallycross Utah, Street League Skateboarding etc.

”The group’s strategy being to develop and publish sports streaming platforms (on-demand and lives) on all screens, we had to rely on a partner capable of reactivity and flexibility to adapt to our constraints in record time while anticipating the market’s evolutions.”


Anatole Begouen, CEO MCS Group

Available on: Web – iOS – Android TV – Apple TV

Available on: Web – iOS – Android TV – Apple TV- Roku – FireTV

My Zen TV is a TV channel born in 2008 dedicated to wellness. Present in 43 countries on different pay-TV packages, the channel is available in 5 languages. My Zen TV has chosen OKAST to deploy the channel in OTT worldwide, with complete multi-language management. My Zen TV is available in mobile and TV applications.

“We are delighted to work with OKAST who has a very professional and responsive team. It is reassuring for us to move forward with partners who understand and know our world.”


– Bruno Lecluse, President of SECOM group 

The Allindi platform was born from a shared desire to create a space for the promotion of Corsican and Mediterranean works, to create links and to allow everyone to explore the imagination of an island that is often confined to a single register.

The island’s production offers many high quality films that have won awards in festivals all over the world, but which are rarely seen by the public. Our ambition is to introduce them to you, and to take you on a journey through the stories of the island while opening your eyes to the rest of the world. Beyond the tool and the accessibility, our will is also to contribute at our scale, to the development of the audiovisual by creating an additional opportunity to the rights holders to develop their works.

After two years of existence, the platform has multiplied on the web, the mobile and the events in presence.

“OKAST has the advantage of being flexible and very simple ton configure. The basics: upload, storefront, and analytics tools are strong and fit with the variety of viewer configurations. We love the very intuitive “all-in-one” solution and the reactive customer support team!”

 – Gérôme Bouda, Founder & CEO Allindi

Available on: Web – iOS – Android 

Aviation is a subject that fascinates a lot, with fans all over the world. Mitch Carley, the producer of the famous multi EMMY nominated program “Duggy, the Smile in the Sky”, then decided to launch the first OTT channel dedicated to aviation in all its forms: The objective: to have a simple, inexpensive and stable solution to outsource the technical aspects of managing a SVOD platform and focus on the production of original programs. uses free content to attract new subscribers and dynamic playlists for its editorialization.

“OKAST is everything I’ve been looking for a very long time: a simple, premium-feel, platform that got us up quickly… while they handle all the technical aspects. Our branded, modern and dynamic design matches the experience of the major Streaming Networks… on all devices. We are thankful to all at OKAST.”

 – Mitch Carley, Film director, CEO & Founder

Museum TV is a TV channel born in 2010 dedicated to art. Initially broadcasted on TV bouquets, its publisher the SECOM group has chosen OKAST to deploy an OTT version available worldwide in multilingual versions. OKAST provides the streaming architecture, the platform and its design, the complete management of the payment systems, the TV & mobile applications as well as the software allowing the piloting of the activity (content management, user CRM, analysis reports, etc.).

“We are delighted to work with OKAST who has a very professional and responsive team. It is reassuring for us to move forward with partners who understand and know our world.”


– Bruno Lecluse, President of SECOM group 

Available on: Web – iOS – Android TV – Apple TV- Roku – FireTV

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​Initially, Z’FITNESS is developing a concept of interactive and virtual Fitness/Wellness video classroom for hotels, fitness centers, companies, senior and student residences, and other holiday centers. To diversify their activity, they wanted to offer a B-to-C VOD platform in order to diversify their revenues and broaden their audience. Z’Fitness uses the many flexible editorial features offered by OKAST to offer playlists by type of sports activity, theme or level.

“I didn’t know you could deploy high-performance video streaming platforms so quickly, and with a minimum initial budget. OKAST allows me to re-use my content catalogue while completing my service offer. All this with support from OKAST team at all stages.”

 – Fabien Escalle, CEO Z’Fitness

iDance Music is the world’s first streaming application for classical and contemporary dance. It offers thousands of pieces of music composed for dancers, with a choice of musicians based on the quality, professionalism and rigor of this Art. Idance is also a mobile application using a redesigned interface for audio format consumption: display of music playlists, adapted mini-player, and a “custom playlist” feature that allows users (dancers and dance teachers) to create their own playlists.


‘Beyond the technological tool, OKAST is the assurance to be advised, accompanied, guided towards lands that were until now imaginary. With the OKAST team, we were able to exchange and create a custom platform specialized in dance that corresponds in every way to our idea’


Laurent Choukroun, Director of Dance Arts Production and Head of Singing at the Paris Opera Ballet School.

Available on: Web – iOS – Android

Available on : Web – Android 

MEDUVIP offers educational medical videos in B-to-B to hospitals. These are then broadcast on a TV or tablet to patients before surgery to explain the principle and process. MEDUVIP uses the client management module to give different access to hospitals depending on their contract. 

“We produce content but needed a white-label solution to distribute our B-to-B offer without having to deal with the technical aspects. We particularly appreciate OKAST’s progressive pricing, which adjusts to the reality of our business, as long as the reactivity of the team and the support in the deployment of the video platform.


– Raphaël Lasserre, CEO MEDUVIP

Example clients online video platform OTT white label solution

With a line-up ranging from Hollywood films, Turkish-language blockbusters to European arthouse films, Kinostar releases more than 30 films in theaters in more than 12 European countries, including Germany, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria, and many more titles on VOD worldwide each year. In addition to its own titles, Kinostar releases films for other distributors and licensors.


Based on the success of the distribution of its titles on VOD platforms like iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, Kinostar plans to expand its line-up of SVOD channels, including its recently launched good!movies channel, which offers the best art house films from Germany, Europe, and around the world and is available on Amazon channels, the web, mobile web, and soon on dedicated applications on phones, tablets & TV, and is available for 3.99€ / month

We are excited to continue and expand our collaboration with Okast, and plan to launch our strong slate of new SVOD channels. The speed and quality of Okasts technical development are unparalleled, and we are looking forward to scaling up our channel business in collaboration with Cedric and his team

– Michael Roesch, CEO of Kinostar

Available on : Web – iOS – Android – Android TV

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