150+ FEATURES (and counting)

For you and your viewers, OKAST is a complete solution to create and manage  your streaming platform or VOD site (TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, BVOD, Livestream…)

Viewer experience

My list

Allow your viewers to add content in their list in order to watch it later


Your viewers can resume the content where they left it, whatever the device they were using

Advanced video player

Your viewers can choose video resolution & languages available directly from the video player

Picture in Picture

Allow your viewers to navigate within the platform without closing the video

Algorithmic recommendation

Enable artificial intelligence to recommend your viewers next contents to watch


Your clients can offer subscriptions or content to people they love

Preview thumbnails

Your viewers can get an overview of the video content with a simple mouse over within the progress bar of the video player

Advanced search bar

Our advanced search bar uses a specific algorithm to index many relevant parameters: keywords, content descriptions, casting, categories, genre

Facebook Login

Enable Facebook Login on the platform to improve the sign up / log in process of your viewers


Use SRT and WebVTT file format to display advanced subtitles in your videos

Responsive design 

Get best user experience, on all screen sizes, all HTML5 based device


Offer Chromecast streaming support


Allow your viewers to use Airplay to stream content

Social sharing

Your viewers can share in one click a content on social networks to spread the word about your platform

Live Streaming

Simply add your live streams on the platform and we’ll play back them 

Header and footer management

Design as you like headers and footers, add links and social networks

Mini-player mode 

Expand or Collapse the player while browsing other content


Allow and manage comments on content, categories, detect influencers

Advanced search

Build your own set of search criteria

Editors Features

Contents & Editorialization


Create easily playlists inluding contents, series or other playlists, manage display ordering

Dynamiques playlists

Use the power of AI to create smart playlists automatically


Editorialize your series by seasons and episodes

Rich text 

Add rich text: links, images, bullets, quotes…. in your content description

Casting & people

Manage and highlight people featured in your content, add pictures and bio


Display your platform in as many languages as you want


Accept different currencies, over 135 supported


Block or allow your offers, playlists or contents on some specific territories

Rights period availability

Get your content automatically published according to time windows backed to your rights

Custom encodings

Choose the format and number of resolutions of your streams (up to 7)

Easy Upload

Upload your content locally (hard drive, desktop) or from a distant server or cloud storage

Bulk import

Import all your content and metadata in 1 click in .json format


Identification of your content by ISAN/ISRC/EIDR codes

Audio contents

Offer audio contents (music, podcast)


Keep a fine control on your team rights and grants

Embed content

Fetch content from Youtube, Dailymotion and smoothly integrate in your platform


Fully managed

We provide a completely turnkey solution hosted in #1 cloud in the world (AWS), encoding, payment, servers we manage everything for you

No coding

Get a complete streaming platform without coding a line ! Edit parameters and design, that’s it

Support & advices

We help you set up, launch and manage your platform at any step

 Launch Instantly

Go live in few hours, no coding needed, just upload your contents and design editorial information

Full White label

Personalize CSS, texts, emails, video player, domaine name etc…

Extra flexible design

Create thousands of different platforms, possibilities are endless


Launch as many platforms as you want from a single interface (all content are available from one project to another)

Branding: Your Own domain

Use your own domain name for your platform

SEO & search engines

Platform and content pages are optimized for search engine

Smart images resolution

Upload & display up to 4 different images formats (16:6, 16:9, 3/4 et 1:1), each one is encoded in 3 resolutions to optimize display

Embed video

Embed video from your platform in third parties website

Transactional emails

Ready made transactional emails provided, you can also customize them the way you want

4K, 360 and VR

Support all new formats on your platform: 4K, 360 and VR

Displaying audio playlists

Display your audio playlists like on Tidal or Spotify and an awesome associated mini-player.

Interface translated into +9 languages

The interface of the platform is already translated into the main languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Corsican, Chinese and Italian.

Monetization & Offers

Multiple monetization

Support all kind of monetization (even in the same time): rental (TVOD), pay-per-view, subscription (SVOD), donation, ads (AVOD)

SVOD periods

Choose if you want your subscription to renew every month, or every 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months

Quality pricing

Offer different prices for your video contents depending on the quality (SD, HD or 4K)

Sponsoring (premium)

Insert in video your own teasers or advertisement, get sponsoring form big brands

AVOD (premium)

Monetize your videos by advertisment, we offer different Ad server connectors to get a quick integration wiyth most known like Google, SpotX


You can decide to add a “donate” bar where your viewers can pay more than amount displayed

Free content

Offer content for free, with or without login


Add trailers for your content to give a preview to your users

Coupons & free trials

Generate coupons codes or offer free trials

Strong Customer Authentication

Your platform will comply with new European regulatory: Strong Customer Authentication in order to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure

Payment processor  

OKAST supports the leading payment solution in the world: Stripe. Just create an account to start getting money

Restrict simultaneous logins

Restrict number of simultaneous viewers linked to a same account

Display feature

Add some clickable images or banners to self-promote or highlight a sponsor

FAST channel

Build a linear TV channel with advertising, broadcast on connected TV and IPTV

Operator payment

With Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), allow your users to pay via their telephone operator

Marketing & Analytics

Video Analytics

See and download all data about your video content consumption

Business Reports

Get all analytics about your business and revenues

Unsubscriptions reasons

Analyse all unsubscriptions reasons to optimize your platform

Customer history

All information about your relationship with a viewer in a single screen

Google Tag Manager

Insert in a click Google Tag Manager into your platform to insert tags, extend analytics or implement new tools easily

Facebook Pixel

Add a pixel Facebook in a click on your platform to retarget your viewers

A/B Tests 

Run A/B tests to try best variant for your pages (button colors, texts etc…)

External marketing tools

Connect your platform with any external marketing tools easily: Intercom, Drift, Hotjar etc…

Marketing Agency (premium)

Go further with our marketing agency: we define your strategy and manage your multi-channel campaigns


Use the power of affiliation marketing with your viewerstahnks to our 100% integrated solution: Tapfiliate

Push Notification

Notify your users of new features on mobile apps and browsers with advanced CRM

In-app messaging

Program and trig alerts, banners inside your apps to grab your user’s attention


Mobiles applications

Create and manage your own Streaming devices & Mobile apps: iOs, Android, Roku, Fire TV, and many others

TV applications

Deploy your platform on the big screen via Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Android TV (available on 400+ devices)

Connected TVs

Offer your platform on connected TVs stores (Samsung, Sony, Vestel, LG, Philips, HiSense, TCL, Sharp, Haier, Panasonic) 

Operator telecom (premium)

Offer your platform on IPTV box or connected TV via HbbTV

B-to-B & institutional (premium)

  Distribute your platform in B-to-B easily with our “Publisher” option: universities, library, corporate ecosystem, hotels etc…

Infrastructure & Security

Cloud hosting

All our architecture and platforms are hosted in the cloud to guarantee scalability and security


Thanks to the power of our Content Delivery Network your videos are delivered worldwide at lightning speed

Custom Streaming infrastructure (premium)

If needed create a custom streaming infrastructure with additional servers all over the world

APIs (premium)

Get access to our APIs to build your own video streaming platforms and apps


All platforms are secured thanks to SSL encryption


All videos encoded via OKAST are encrypted via The Advanced Encryption Standard

DRM (premium)

Add Studios approved DRM to protect your video contents

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