All the features you need to launch your online video or VOD site 


An all-in-one technical solution including full set-up and deployment of  your video or VOD streaming platforms, maintenance and updates


 Cloud hosting

Your platform and contents are securely stored in the cloud 

  Encoding & Transcoding

Your videos are encoded in the proper sizes and formats to allow the best streaming experience


Thanks to the power of our Content Delivery Network, your videos are delivered around the world at the speed of light 

  100% secured

The infrastructure is secured via data encryption and our SSL certificates 

Video player & CMS (catalog)

Your video contents deserve the best



 An easy-to-use Content Management System 

Manage your contents simply from an intuitive interface

A world-class HTML 5 player 

available on all devices, customizable and interactive, it supports all type of formats (VR, 360°, live, etc.) 

Multilingual versions 

Add your subtitle files or separate audio tracks to offer multilingual versions of your videos 

Security & restriction

Ultra-secure encryption of your video streams, restriction of rights (geoblocking, time limited access, release windows), limitation of the number of simultaneous views

Design & User experience

Create beautiful customized video platforms, accessible on all devices


Templates designs

Choose our ready to use responsive templates or customize entirely your platform 

A unique user experience 

Because a VOD platform is not a standard website or an e-commerce store, our templates have been created for an awesome video experience

Your platform available worldwide

Our platforms are 100% multilingual, you can create your own video service in as many languages as you like 

monetization video solution OKAST streaming platform

Business & Monetization 

Earn revenue from your videos


Flexible and multiple business models

Choose the most suitable monetization solution or a mix of several : subscription (SVOD), sale or rental (TVOD, EST), advertising (AVOD), sponsoring, pay-per-view, e-cinema etc.


Thanks to Stripe, accept +135 currencies and offer your prices in the currency of your choice. Alipay also available

Boost your income with our tools 

Offer promotional coupons, gift cards, free trial periods to grow your business

Real-time analytics

Track your revenue in real time with our comprehensive dashboards 


Be everywhere


Custom mobiles & TV apps  

Your platform is accessible on all devices (desktop, tablets and mobiles), but you can deploy it on other applications: mobiles apps (iOs & Android), OTT TV apps (Fire TV, Roku, etc.) and Connected TVs (LG, Philips, Panasonic etc.)

Manage all applications from the same CMS 

All platform updates are reflected simultaneously on all your applications

Automated marketing with FlameFy 

We are the only solution that offers automated and data-driven marketing tools to grow your audience and visibility 


Find and reach your audience easily on the web

Use our Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven tools to grow your audience, automatically (we find them and drive them to your platform)

Personalize the video experience 

Get the most of our algorithms to provide a unique user experience (Artificial Intelligence for video personalization & recommendation)

Engage your users at the right time  

Create gamification scenarios or personalized messages to generate engagement on your content

Optimize audience retention 

Keep your viewers more engaged and track down the ones close to leave with our automated anti-churn system

plateforme de streaming vidéo VOD monetisation SVOD AVOD OTT

100+ awesome features

Extra flexible design

Create thousands of platforms, possibilities are endless


Build your playlists manually or automatically


Editorialize your series by seasons and episodes

Rich text

Add rich text: links, images, bullets, quotes….

Custom encodings

Choose the format and number of resolutions of your streams 

Free access

Give a free access to your platforms to partners


Allow your viewers to offer subscriptions to their friends & family

Picture in Picture

This mode allows your viewers to navigate without stopping the playback of their video



Enable artificial intelligence to recommend similar content

Do you have a video streaming platform project? 

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* The delivery of applications requires the opening of a developer account on the corresponding stores. 

* The configuration of developer accounts and the production of marketing elements (icons, logos, screenshots) are 

   the responsibility of the customer (possibility of delegating this service at a price of 499 € HT/application).

* The launch is subject to the approval time of each store and can therefore not be guaranteed.