FAST4EU: Pioneering the adoption of FAST in Europe

Embracing the essence of European innovation, FAST4EU is a consortium dedicated to reshaping the streaming landscape. With a foundation rooted in European values and vision, we’re here to accelerate the growth of the FAST model across the continent.

OKAST, partnered with SECOM and Kinostar to launch the FAST4EU Consortium, co-funded by the EU. Our goal is to spearhead the expansion of the FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) model throughout Europe, cultivating a platform that is carefully suited to the continent’s unique and rich cultural backdrop.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we are building a strategy that not only caters to the European market but also possesses the potential to resonate globally. Through this effort, we hope to bring the European storylines to the forefront, providing interesting and representative material while opening the path for a greater, global reach.

The FAST market in Europe

The FAST Market in Europe is experiencing significant growth. Initially influenced by early pioneers like Pluto TV, the market has seen a surge in activity, with the number of unique FAST channels growing substantially. 

Europe, while currently holding a smaller share of the global FAST market compared to North America, is rapidly expanding. According to the forecast made by a report from DTV Research and Variety VIP, Europe will see a 22% revenue increase in FAST by 2029.

This growth is marked by an increase in both the quality and quantity of channels, driven by a mix of traditional broadcasters and new players entering the space. 

The evolving landscape of FAST in Europe is characterized by a diverse range of content offerings and innovative distribution strategies, reflecting the unique cultural and regulatory environment of the European market.

Source: Variety VIP+DTV Research (October 2023)
Source: Variety VIP+DTV Research (October 2023)

Our Mission

Our mission at FAST4EU is clear and ambitious: to accelerate the development of the FAST model across Europe.

We are dedicated to providing a technology and content approach specifically tailored for the European market while ensuring scalability for global impact.

By leveraging a strategy that is meticulously crafted for Europe’s unique market, we aim to bring European narratives to the forefront of the global stage, showcasing the continent’s rich cultural diversity and storytelling heritage.

Read our extensive white paper about FAST in Europe!

Explore the rise of FAST in Europe with our white paper, reflecting the collective observations and analyses by FAST4EU members, 3Vision, and key market leaders and partners such as BBC Studios, ZDF Studios, Samsung TV Plus, Rakuten TV, Qwest TV and more. 

Download to dive into the insights and findings on the FAST model in Europe, informed by leading industry perspectives!

The Vision

Europe’s unique mix of cultures and traditions deserves a global stage. Our vision, through the FAST model, is to amplify this diversity, making European content not only accessible but also influential. 

We envision a digital realm where a tale from one corner of Europe resonates in another, fostering cross-cultural appreciation and showcasing the continent’s narratives to the world.

Over the last 2 years FAST4EU, via OKAST, has been certified by more than 40 platforms and operators in Europe and beyond, as a key service provider. 

Bootstrapping FAST Channel Creation

FAST4EU stands at the forefront of reshaping the European streaming landscape, adapting the FAST model to the continent’s unique cultural and market dynamics. The consortium’s role in facilitating swift channel launches allows content creators to quickly adapt to evolving market trends and audience preferences.

By focusing on a diverse content, FAST4EU reflects the rich diversity of Europe’s cultures, enhancing the variety and quality of streaming content. Advanced analytics provided by the consortium offer deep insights into viewer behavior, with the purpose of empowering channels to perpetually refine their content offerings, ensuring they maintain a competitive edge and keep their programming both captivating and relevant.

Furthermore, FAST4EU is pivotal in championing niche and local content, opening new doors for content creators to reach broader audiences. By cultivating a collaborative ecosystem, the consortium not only drives innovation but also facilitates robust resource sharing, empowering all participants in the European streaming industry to grow and innovate together.

Main Features

  • FAST channel building and management: Development and implementation of FAST channels tailored for the European market, ensuring seamless management and distribution.

  • Advanced content strategies: Focus on creating and distributing content that resonates with Europe’s diverse cultural landscape, emphasizing local and region-specific programming.

  • Monetization models: Implementing dynamic advertising solutions more suited for the European market and establishing lucrative revenue sharing models. This approach fosters equitable and profitable partnerships with content providers, empowering them to thrive and continue delivering high-quality, culturally rich content.

  • Strategic Partnership and Network Expansion: Building strong networks across Europe, leveraging partnerships for content acquisition, distribution, and technological support.

  • Data Analytics and Performance Optimization: Utilizing advanced analytics to track viewer engagement and optimize channel performance. Providing an in-depth understanding of viewer consumption patterns. This allows for strategic content curation and optimization.

Discover a selection of channels launched with FAST4EU

Success Stories

Le Figaro & SECOM (Samsung TV Plus and more)

In a dynamic collaboration, Le Figaro and SECOM harnessed the power of OKAST’s expertise to bring a fresh and vibrant FAST channel to life. This endeavor saw the light in just a few weeks, a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of the partnership.

The channel has become a hub for viewers, offering 5 hours of live broadcasting daily, enriched with various content made available each day. This rich portfolio, ranging from breaking news to deep dives into various topics, has successfully attracted new audiences, showcasing the power of FAST channels in expanding reach and deepening engagement with viewers.

Kinostar, Turk On Video (Amazon Freevee)

Kinostar’s jumps into FAST channels with “Turk on Video”, in partnership with OKAST, it marks a significant step in their content distribution strategy.

As a distributor across Europe and a global VOD provider, their launch of “Turk on Video” has been a notable achievement, bringing Turkish movies to the European scene.

It highlights Kinostar’s dedication to making diverse content accessible to broader audiences.

This initiative, part of the EU-co-funded FAST4EU consortium, showcases Kinostar’s and OKAST’s commitment to leveraging the FAST model for different European content, targeting specific audiences like the Turkish community and reflecting the potential of FAST in engaging diverse audiences.

Endemol France (Samsung TV Plus & Pluto TV)

Endemol France, a renowned subsidiary of the global leader in audiovisual production, the Banijay Group, has embraced the potential of FAST channels, partnering with OKAST to bring its iconic programs to leading platforms like Pluto TV and Samsung TV Plus.

This strategic move has led to the successful launch of three notable FAST channels. The Secret Story channel offers fans an engaging dive into the world of this popular reality TV show, featuring non-stop broadcasts that include both classic episodes and exclusive new content. 

A Prendre ou à Laisser, another beloved game show, has found its own space in the FAST landscape, providing continuous entertainment that resonates with its audience. Lastly, the MasterChef channel delivers culinary excitement, showcasing a mix of episodes that highlight cooking excellence and the journey of aspiring chefs.

Adding to this diverse lineup, the 30 Histoires FAST channel brings a unique offering of captivating and extraordinary true stories, reviving the beloved show that once kept many viewers on the edge of their seats.

Each of these channels marks a significant achievement for Endemol France, highlighting their commitment to refreshing and adapting their content for the evolving FAST model. They demonstrate the company’s innovative approach to content delivery, catering to a wide range of viewer interests and enhancing the European streaming experience.

MEDIAWAN (Samsung TV Plus, Pluto TV, Rakuten TV, etc.)

Mediawan, a prominent figure in the European media landscape, has ventured into the dynamic world of FAST channels, capitalizing on the opportunity to bring its diverse range of programs to a wider audience through a strategic partnership with OKAST.

Embracing this new distribution model, Mediawan has successfully launched three distinct FAST channels on platforms such as Pluto TV and Samsung TV plus, each catering to different viewer interests. The “Alerte à Malibu” channel revives the classical iconic lifeguard series, providing fans with a nostalgic journey through its most thrilling episodes and moments. This channel has become a destination for those seeking action-packed beach rescue stories and the iconic charm of the series.

The Génération Sitcom channel, on the other hand, offers a comedic escape, featuring a collection of beloved sitcoms that have defined television humor over the years. This channel serves as a delightful retreat for viewers, bringing together timeless laughs and memorable characters.

Lastly, Les Filles d’à Côté channel brings to life the enchanting world of this popular French sitcom, offering continuous entertainment that blends humor, romance, and everyday life adventures. This channel has rekindled the show’s magic, connecting with both long-time fans and new audiences.
Each of these channels demonstrates Mediawan’s strategic approach to leveraging the FAST model, breathing new life into classic and beloved content, and enhancing the European streaming experience with a diverse and engaging content portfolio.

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