OKAST Terms of Service Agreement

OKAST Terms of Service Agreement Updated on August 29, 2019   DEFINITIONS Service: refers to the OKAST platform, a solution enabling creators/producers/owners of audiovisual content, using a dedicated digital tool, to create video streaming platforms to directly promote and monetize … Read More

OKAST Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY  Updating date 23/05/2018     At M.E.I Group, publisher of FlameFy & OKAST products, we are aware of the importance of respecting confidentiality for our customers. In this way, we want to be more transparent about how we … Read More

Send free copies

Free copies allow you to send your offers for free by email to who you want. You can reward loyal customers or send your content to influencers, journalists, bloggers so they can speak about your content! Warning : free copies are … Read More

How to connect your Stripe account

To receive your payouts (once a month), you need first to create a Stripe account (which is our payment processor and guarantees safety). Nothing more easy, you can connect directly from OKAST portal : 1. Sign in to your account 2. Go … Read More

How to create coupons for your customers

You can create coupons to give a % discount on one ore several of your offers: 1/ Go to the Promotion menu > Coupons. 2/ Create a new coupon by clicking on the following button: 3/ Fill in the fields: > select … Read More

What is the payment process for my customers?

  When your customers click on the buttons “Rent”, “Buy” or “Subscribe”, a payment module opens, offering 2 options: 1 / if a customer has never bought via OKAST, then he/she must enter his/her credit card details, as well as his/her … Read More

Community: manage your customers/fans base (CRM)

You can manage your customers/fans base directly from the “Community” menu. There are 3 ways to get into this customer base: 1 – When a user registers his email in the field at the bottom of your site:   2 – … Read More

Create Premium & Deluxe offers for your fans !

The real novelty with a platform like OKAST, is that you are talking directly to your fans. So take care of them and make them happy! When you can, offer different editions of your work: a “Standard” offer, and some … Read More

Create and share news

  With OKAST, you can write news/posts and publish them in 2 clicks on your site, your social networks, and via email! To do this, start on menu “Promotion” > Updates 1/ To create an Update, click on the following button:   2/ Choose … Read More

Offer a trial period for your subscription service

Everybody likes when it’s free! Set up a free period (3, 7, 14 or 30 days) to allow your customers to test your subscription offer. To access your content they will still need to enter their credit card informations, but … Read More

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